Destination Retail


Destination & Travel Retail
One of the Fastest Growing Segments Worldwide

Kenco Company is a pioneer in the duty-free and travel retail market. As a luxury goods marketer, Kenco established key relationships and exclusive ties for a variety of products to be sold in the travel retail and duty free venues worldwide. Destination retail clients must submit and adhere to strict distribution policies from the airport authorities world- wide. Kenco, versed in the policies and procedures offer great benefit to those companies wanting exposure or niche placement with the tourist in mind.

“With all of the doom and gloom stories in the newspapers and elsewhere about the global economy, financial crisis, corporate irresponsibility, currency fluctuations, job losses and the rest, it would be easy to forget that the duty free and travel retail industry is actually in very good shape at the moment”.
Doug Newhouse

"We hired Kenco Company, in part, to establish an additional avenue to promote our new product launch. We did not have any international recognition for our product, but did have brand presence worldwide. Kenco Company analyzed our line, determined our best collections, packaged and priced them, and created a shipping strategy. We had placement within the first three months."

Case Study #1:

Kenco Company launched designer sunglasses to the North American Duty Free market in 1996. There was no independent OTB for Sunglasses in 1996 was part of an overall budget, and not a designated category with its own budget. Kenco established sales forecasts and display footprints in the airport duty free stores cruise lines, and in-flight duty free concessions. This program was advanced to the duty paid retailers in 1998. The sunglass brands are now a main contender in the duty free and duty paid markets.

Case Study #2:

Kenco Company launched a children’s item internationally to fill a void in this category. This item required huge sales plans and forecasts to fill the pipeline of concessions in the airport and in-flight. The initial launch of this licensed item brought product introduction to millions of travelers yearly in 10 countries.

Case Study #3:

Kenco Company launched a brand extension semi-precious jewelry collection internationally. The initial launch established placement of 50 desired stores.