Kenco Company Tribal Marketing Initiatives


Experience is the key

Margaret Stevens Ellis and Christina Lesch became acquainted over the past few years during the Native American gaming association trade shows. They found that they had such a easy rapport and the relationship grew. Margaret shared her educational and professional accolades with Christina who in returned shared her passion for helping with the growth, popularity and reputation of the Native American casino's and other tribally owned business. The synergy was created when Margaret was looking for better resources for her apparel business. A partnership was born.

Margaret and Christina plan to bring their strengths and business acumen to each of the tribal casinos where their unified voice will help create and implement proven loyalty programs, increase purchasing power, and promote brand identity. Together they hope to encourage tribal casinos to maximize their ability to merchandise their casino stores to incorporate gifting through retail, creating immediate gratification, and at the same time provide in demand brands for the patron who is looking to reward themselves and their families for a happy day out. Margaret and Christina hope to bring their marketing expertise to the purchasing, marketing, and retail managers of the casino's as well as player development and casino host department to help eliminate voids and inefficiency, help to determine patron abuses, and highlight exception service from their staff.

> Margaret Stevens Ellis BIO

"Kctmi will always have the heart and business model of each casino's tribal mantra. We will always find ways of reminding the gaming consumer of the culture of the tribe and the message they wish to achieve."