Hospitality Retail


Matching Products with Clients

Having the ability to know the client, and their goal is only one part of designing a comprehensive offering that will be attractive to clients. Creating specialty products that extend your businesses reach will create another revenue stream with minimum investment. A unique retail based on void and consumer impulse dollars is a win-win situation on every level.

"The beauty of Kenco's creative process extends to their ability to know what OUR patron’s wants are. That was only the initial wow! Afterwards, they were able to source specialty products that no one else had even considered"

Case Study #1

The “just in case" case is a concierge program managed by a host department, concierge, or front desk manager. After a long night in the casino, the "just in case" case will provide your loyal patron with all of the amenities they will need. The" just in case" case is a large part of the personal foundations of a gift for exceptional play or can be charged to the room.

Case Study #2

Special gift basket retail. High-end luxury baskets would be placed in suites and luxury rooms with logo items and goodies. The basket is for sale. Items are selected by the hotel manager and can be part of your comp or retail program.


sourcing strategy

A sound sourcing strategy is key to a successful campaign. In hospitality it is essential to select not only the perfect products, but products that are available for timely delivery..