Hospitality Retail


Selection and choice are key

(FFE) furniture, fixtures and equipment is an important and potential costly expenditure. We source FFE products from a variety of manufacturers to provide a complete and cost effective investment. We tap on our extended relationships with premier manufacturers to provide you with a large variety of products making the selection process with your needs in mind.

Kenco Company places and emphasis on quality, but tries to support Made in The USA manufacturers or Green factories from abroad. Kenco Company will provide accurate bidding and adhere to the fast track time lines during development of hotels, restaurants, and casinos. Kenco can also supply OSE goods for restaurant or gift store logo programs.

"Having the ability to identify the products that define who we are made Kenco stand out fom a crowd of supposed competitors. Their sourcing expertise allowed us to get exactly what we had hoped for in and expediant and cost effective way."

Business Fact: Balance of Style and Value

An investment in hotel furniture, fixtues and equipment must be considered as an investment in the experience your guest will enjoy as well as the overall cost. This balance is not only an investment in your business but an investment in your clients. Overlooking quality at the expense of impression can cost you much more than the dollars saved. It is an important distinction between providing value and finding the best options for your business.