Players Club Rewards


Players Club Rewards. "Treat Loyalty like Royalty."

Loyalty? Performance? How do you measure it? How do you reward it? Is it your impetus to encourage the guest to return to the venue more frequently? Our Player’s Club Rewards programs will give you an award driven incentive guideline to reward loyalty, drive performance, and build traffic.

"The 80/20 rule stands true in almost every consumer driven marketing campaign. 80% of your revenue will come from 20% of your patrons. What if you could change the pattern of 80%? The financial gains would be enormous. Simply? Award the 20%, and reward the 80%, often with reachable goals in timely intervals. "

Details behind the Players Club Rewards "System"

THE PLAYERS CLUB (know as "PCR"), is a system that allows for customizing in all content and unique aspects of each client. From the look and feel, to the flow of reporting, Player's Club Rewards program is driven by a secure server in an environment that enhances the gaming experience. We customize our system as an extension of your business by continuing the experience that starts in your casino.

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Case Study #1

A new casino in a competitive market initiated a top-level campaign to drive their mid-tier players to top tier players. The motivation was to move up their players to a higher status than they had at the competitive casino. The players club was educated and instructed to have the player bring their point status record from the last two months of play at a casino within a 60-mile (1 hour) radius. The instruction was to complete the application at the same level of play, with the incentive of $100.00 match play. Once the player tracked $200 in play, they received a voucher to redeem a gift with a value of $100 or 40,000 points. The player would then return to the casino to pick up their gift at the players club. If they stayed and played $100 coin in, they were immediately upgraded to the next level of play. The next level of plan earned the player special benefits with discounts, but moreover, offered a wider value of gifts. The player would not be eligible for gifting without additional play. Achievement, the player is gifted and felt special. They received a gift of the same value they played at the casino feeling rewarded and no money was lost. 30% of the invited guests returned to the casino with double frequency. 12% of the players maintained play at the casino’s criteria for the next level of play. Player was retained at the casino for at least 6 months.

Case Study #2 - Royalty Rewards Club (known as "RRC")

A computer data storage company initiated an incentive for their staff of 100 sales professionals. The incentive was intended to drive sales for Q1. Each sales person was to increase their quota by 10% on their already mature book of business. Royalty Rewards Club initiated their Concierge Royal Club Rewards Campaign by offering any sales person who beat their quota a gift with a retail value of over $500 to its top sales person of $10,000. Of the 100 sales professionals, 80% achieved more than their 10% increase. The top earner chose from a gift of a luxury gold and diamond fine watch, Luxury Set of luggage and a trip to Hawaii, or a man cave.

Case Study #3

A national Staffing company with job listings in engineering, IT, and medical sales was competing for in-demand positions. Because the labor was hired on contracts for 18 months to 2 years, they needed to find a selling feature, outside of benefits to attract labor to sign with their firm. We initiated the Royalty campaign and offered sign on incentives, and yearly motivation incentives to gain and retain contract labor. The incentive value program began at $1000 to $10,000 depending on the labor and the contract initiated.

Case Study #4

An association based conference concierge program was designed to incentivize attendance and motivate participation from selected groups and companies. The concierge program awarded and gifted speaker panels, experts in the field and management of fortune 1000 companies and sovereign nations. Each defined conference or meeting had a financial expense and cost for the participant. Sponsors were contracted and incentives placed for it's MOST INFLUENTIAL GUESTS . RRC selected prestige brands to gift to those participants that fit the influence criteria. An “award” would be presented at the conference, but the gift could be sent home. Products used for the conference campaign ranged from Leather Goods to Lobsters, Jewelry to Jeeps. Achievement: 15% additional participation from Sponsors and a notable increase of attendance from CEO’s and management, thus pushing initiatives forward in one convenient place. The participating companies noted that their initiatives were instituted quicker and the added travel upon management was reduced.

custom reporting

THE PLAYERS CLUB REWARDS System is designed for flexibility in reporting making management of products, shipping and customer service flawless.